Wednesday, April 22, 2009

easy as A-B-C

photos taken from stylesilove who in turn took them photos from hyperbeast

omg y'all. don't you think this designer name tutorial thing is kickass? :) i remember back in the day, ara and i were talking about comme des garcons and we didn't know how to pronounce it, so we'd refer to it as CDG! the "let's ask gab" plan never really happened (the prince is always 'engaged', haha!) this tutorial thing is heaven sent. the list does contain a number of no brainers, and you betcha there are many other designer names that didn't make it in that list.

Ara: A-ruh
Ruch: Rooch

don't even get us started with the variations of our names; else, nosebleed moment will ensue.

Monday, April 13, 2009


"Being normal tourists"

Greeting from Singapore! Nah seriously, my family and I got back the other day after a shopping-filled trip and boy am I exhausted. We basically did the same things, shop shop shop eat eat eat until we technically dropped! I didn't get to buy much stuff but I did have a couple of great finds :D I was over the moon when I found out that they had 2 Forever21s! I blew most of my budget there but figured it was worth every penny! I told Ruch that I'd TRY to take pictures of chic people but I got too lazy to do it! Even I wasn't that chic! There's just something about the tropical weather that stops me from "getting my chic on". I was clad in shorts ( I know I don't really look my best in these things but it was just too darn hot!!!) most of the time and rotated the same outfits. I am breaking every rule here by doing the opposite of being fashionable! I just couldn't help it! It was friggn' HOT! I'll try to post some of my loot in a bit but for now, please try to enjoy my ugly a** photos of my family's attempt to do normal tourist stuff ie 5minutes of sightseeing.

Eating in the streets :)
And more eating at Vivo City
The most decent "outift" shot: top shop tank,F21 necklace, random polo,white shorts

*apologies for the ugly pictures and the lack of of it. I'm still a rookie with this stuff :p

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

almost, but not quite

aradee is currently in singapore-la! so the fate of this blog is currently in my hands :) aradee promised a couple sartorialist shots which she will happily share with us when she gets back. can't wait! but for now i want to share with you guys this:

babydoll dress: BCBG max azria

it's the graduation dress that didn't quite make it :( i was supposed to wear this for our grad, but i changed my mind at the super kaduper very last minute. having a dress made for grad is not a very practical thing since the dress will be concealed under the tent of a toga anyway. a friend warned us about wearing a dress too mainstream. you might end up wearing the same thing as 5 other people; in which case, you'll look like the ICA dance troupe performing for like, the ICA variety show. or beyonce and her back up dancers ;)

the dress is nice, alright. my dichi bought this for me, and it's uh-mazing how she knows exactly how to pick a dress that suits my personality. tamo yan. it's a babydoll dress!!! and i always said i had the wardrobe of a 12 year old!!! hahaha :D it's perfect! but then again, it didn't feel right when i tried it on. i looked like an adult trying to dress like suri cruise. i mean look at it. it is something a ferosh toddler would wear right?

oh well, i guess i'll just wear this some other time. :) meanwhile, it's kept safe in a box with its tags still on, tucked safely in my closet.

Friday, April 3, 2009

perspiration inspiration

animal farm
animal farm by xfashionxgeekx featuring Acne Jeans blouse

first post ever! i'm liking the summer vibe right now (surprisingly! seeing as i hate showing off my huuuuge gams in shorty shorts) with all the airy gender bender tops and denim cut-offs even if i'll never pull-off a pair of daisy dukes! ruth, on the other hand, with her uber skinny legs, might :p

where do you go from here?

most people venture into the wonderful world of Louis by first making the smallest and the safest luxury bag purchase - that is, the classic speedy. it is one big leap of an entry level, yeah? but it's the start of a new addiction. seeking to relive the warm, vibrate-y feeling of unwrapping that giffen good right before your eyes; you then venture into making bigger purchases. maybe start your own little LV collection. right right? :)

the million dollar question is: what comes after the speedy? it can't be neverfull, because neverfull is almost of the same price as the speedy, plus it was only released in 2007, so it's too young to be a classic. what comes after THE entry level of all entry levels?

what do you think? assuming you bought a 30, is it:
a. a bigger speedy (i.e. duffell-ish speedy 40?)
b. another speedy, but something NOT monogram?
c. a smaller speedy (i.e. pencilcase-ish speedy 25?)
d. neverfull?
e. the next most affordable LV on the price list?

tell us what you think! :)